Sustine-le sansa la viata

To whom we address?

  • Each person’s health should be a priority issue. This project wants to come to the support of 20 older persons, whose financial earnings are reduced and thus the co-payment of receipts represent an impediment in the acquisition of necessary medical treatment.

How we support them?

  • The project encourages a quality   and correct medication among chosen patients. The co-payment support requires that, on a monthly basis, patients receive their medication for free , based on a contract signed with our Association.

    Moreover, with the help of pharmacists,house calls will be made, in order to advise patients in terms of food , lifestyle they should follow

How long will the project last?

  • 1 year

How we do the selections?

  • The selection of targeted group will be made on the basis of an analysis of the evaluation file made by the project team.



  • With the help of pharmacies from Cluj-Napoca, we managed to make donations of medicine to 10 patients with different pathologies: asthma, adenoma of prostate, gastric ulcer and stage II Oncology (lung cancer).


  • A 39-years-old gentleman diagnosed with diabetes (insulin dependent) with one leg amputated and who suffered 2 mild heart attacks within 72 hours, had been prescribed a treatment whose payment was impossible to be supported by the family. We managed to make a donation of 700 RON, representing part of the co-payment of the recipe/5 months.
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