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  • Who we are

“Learn to offer” is an NGO that wants to meet the community’s needs thorough projects and educational programs which aim at increasing the quality life of families in Romania.

All our programs want to contribute to family health, promoting a healthy and assumed lifestyle, both at a personal and familiar level, but also at the community which we are part of.

The aim of the NGO “ Learn to offer” is to support suffering people through medical care programs at home, as well as through projects and events of medical education for patients, their companions, as well as medical professionals.

  •  Who we help:

– Sick persons, adults or children, who suffer from progressive chronic diseases that require life support treatments and long-term care, or in terminal phase;

-Those who can not afford a normal life, with a modest income, alone or homebound, included or not in the evidence of Social Public Assistance or the Town Halls.


  • Our objectives:

-The provision of home care services (health, social assistance and maintenance of patients ‘ homes), on the basis of criteria of eligibility of beneficiaries;

-Dissemination of knowledge on palliation for professionals and  eligible companions associated to eligible cases.

–  Organization of medical education courses whose beneficiaries may be all those interested to deepen the medical field, for the benefit of their health and their families (techniques of individualized/patient nutrition; non-allopathic approaches and allopathic disease; hygiene courses for children and adults; naturoterapie and other approaches that can bring an extra value to the quality of patients’ life).

– The establishment of day centres with beds and palliation which give medical services and palliative care to eligible patients.

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