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” Quiet children, happy parents ”-1st edition

Seminars dedicated to the welfare of your family

The NGO ” Learn TO GIVE” comes to give a helping hand to families from Cluj, with a series of seminars devoted to the welfare of the family, reunited under the name of   “Quiet children , happy parents.” Organised in partnership with “Happy Tummies”, the first event in the series of seminars takes place at Cluj-Napoca in 16 March 2003, the Casino Building, Central Park, starting at 15.00.

The main guest of the seminar is Ioana Chicet -Macoveiciuc, the author of one of the most beloved and well-known domestic blogs: Ioana Chicet-Macoveiciuc has over 15 years of experience in media, project management and online communication.At the moment she is a writer of books and blog, as well as an organiser of events for parents. She has been writing on since January 2007 and, ever since she became a mother, the topics on the blog are around family life, healthy life style, self development and growing children with respect and gentleness.

Urban Princess comes to Cluj to debate, with candor and humor that define her so well, one of the most complex topics of today’s parent-family well-being. When mom’s not well, no one in the family is well; How should we ,the moms, be well?

The event will also approach one of the topics of interest among mothers and pediatricians, dermatologists, namely, the most frequent dermatological pathologies of childhood, in a presentation by Dr. Hana Decean, dermatologist.

“Quiet children, happy parents” is not only an event, but also one for charity. All funds obtained from the purchase of the tickets will be forwarded to another charitable project of our Association, “A hot meal for them!”. It will take place on June 1, 2017, at the Paintbrush factory and will be addressed to children who come from disadvantaged families, day care centers, for whom we will cook a full menu together with volunteers and guests.

The registration fee for the event can be paid online, following the steps below, or directly at the location.

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