Founders: Gavris Sergiu – President of the NGO

“Dear readers, I want to share with you the thought I had in mind when I started building the NGO “Learn to give”, and that’s because I want more and more people to join us in this project so close to my heart.

“Learn to give” is not a common NGO, but it tries to always be close to the community through the projects and charitable actions it runs, and also tries to be close to every parent’s soul, satisfying the their needs and helping them through courses, workshops and events held by “Happy Tummies”.

Each of us can ask for help and it is important who is the person offering it to you, is it a certified person or a simple internet research? Thus, we have developed the “Happy Tummies” brand, which has a wonderful team of specialists in the process of expanding, people who come with accurate information and are scientifically documented, meeting the needs of all those who get to “cross our threshold”.

Besides the educational part, this NGO has charity projects for children and the elderly, and, not lastly, a great goal, to establish a Center for Pediatric Palliation in Cluj-Napoca. It is our major goal, through which we want to show that our involvement in the community is not only for healthy people, but also for needy ones, and also for those whose health is precarious due to the incurable diseases acquired.

Join us and come together to support this NGO, using the resources, as efficiently as possible, so that each parent enjoys such a status at the appropriate time; every needy child should feel that there is someone who supports them and every child with incurable diseases or an elder person to feel that life is beautiful enjoying every moment of it.


In every human life there are moments of joy and sadness, one of these outstanding moments I’ve personally felt four years ago when, along with the loss of a loved one, I decided to get involved in this nice project, called “Learn to give! “

In my opinion, the most beautiful thing is to be able to give those around us the joy of being together, especially when this is a noble gesture. This organization wants to be close to the family, generally speaking, and, when it is missing, to try to replace its absence through charitable gestures. Every gesture of altruism matters, if not in this life, certainly in the next one, so please do not leave any project of the NGO to walk past you because they are made soul to soul.

“Happy Tummies” is the brand that wants to be close to prospective parents, to guide the family towards a happier and more united direction and I’ve found that you can achieve this through courses and workshops for children and parents, exactly the courses that we intend to develop.

Try to receive your new family member as a blessing and then the family will be a happy one, and for any support “Happy Tummies” will be next to each of you.

Join the NGO “Learn to give” and help them take off to the highest peaks, it’s all I can ask you to do!

Vicepresident: Delia Gologan

Delia Gologan is a student at the Doctoral School of political science of the National School of political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA), and graduated from the Faculty of pharmacy of the University of medicine and pharmacy “Iuliu Hatieganu” Cluj-Napoca. During the past 10 years she has worked as a volunteer in several non-governmental organizations: Pharmacy Students Organization (OSF)-whose President was in the period 2009-2011, National Alliance of Student Organizations from Romania (ANOSR) and Centre for Educational Policies (CPEdu). Contributing to the fulfillment of their activities, Delia has acquired experience in project management, writing of applications for project grants, public policy development and their implementation. Fields of interest: health, education, public policy

Events coordinator: Simona Mihaila Parauan

Since 2016 she has been the mother of a happy girl. Simona is a pharmacist specialized in Clinic Pharmacy from 2014, and since 2010 she has had a management license at FESGA. In 2009 she completed her master’s degree with the dissertation The toxicity of the Medicine and she has become an associate teacher at the Department of Dermatopharmacy. Homeopathy and veterinary remedies at the Faculty of Pharmacy, UNIVERSITY of Cluj. She has been practising in public pharmacy since 2005 with love and devotion.

Parenting trainer: Ana Bortis

Ana is a coach and trainer with 11 years of experience, while she has worked with groups of highly diverse participants, both nationally and internationally. She worked for years with IT managers, managers of manufacturing companies, mainly the Automotive field. She also worked with students and entrepreneurs. Her area of expertise includes: Leadership, Effective Management,Time Management, Performance Management, Decision Making and Problem Solving, Customer Orientation, Coaching, Train the Trainers, the Negotiation in Organizations, Improvisation and Non-verbal Language.

She is the mum of a Philip (1 year and 2 months), and in the past two years she has turned her attention to specialization in the field of harmonious and healthy growth of children. She participated in October 2015 at a Circle of Security accreditation course and became passionate about the Attachment theory. She decided therefore to combine her skills and knowledge gained in 11 years of training with passion and knowledge in the field of parenting. The result is a series of unique and useful workshops for parents. These include Time management ,Decision-making inside the family or A leadership model for my child.

Ana strongly believes that each individual had their own unique set of traits and skills which either be in their way or will help her/him succeed. So there are no universal recipes and, therefore it is essential for a trainer to see the person in their unique way and thus the development of each individual should start from here. She has all the time with her a book, dark chocolate and a good word. More:

Courses coordinator: Bianca Chetan

Bianca Chetan is a doctor, a prenatal educator and Lamaze certified, accredited trainer ANC and Greta’s mommy(3 years old).

She’s a very sociable person and always close to the patient, thus this role of prenatal educator fits her like a glove.She wishes very much to be close to the mums who need support and tries to answer to all the questions about : “c-section or natural birth , things to know about labor, will I have enough milk to breastfeed my baby? ….”

“I love what I do and that’s why I want future mothers to really enjoy what birth experience means and to be better informed about the importance of breastfeeding, stages of the process, the role of the mother and live fully this magical moment in the life of each mother.

At the end of this course, through complete documented information and practical advice,every future mom will gain the confidence and optimism needed to see normal birth, natural and healthy; to take the most correct decisions for her body and herself. ”

Coord. Charity Department: Irina Ielciu

Design coordinator: Mihaela Neamtu






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